Fire Lodge

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5 out of 5 stars

A stunning 4300 square foot log home lavishly upgraded with high tech infrastructure for your enjoyment in any season. Walking distance to Summit West at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.

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  • Stunning log home over 4500 square feet
  • Every fun amenity like hot tub, pool table, arcade, and a bistro
  • Lots of room for kids with 3 bunkbeds plus a campout area in the loft

(Reviews coming soon, not live yet)

The Fire Lodge is our premium log cabin at the Summit at Snoqualmie Pass. This is the place to be. Maximum family fun with every resource needed to stay safe and sound even with the weather that we get on the pass.

With a backup generator, battery backup, multiple heat sources and multiple internet connections, you don't have to worry about the basics.

A big focus on family fun with things like an arcade with classic pacman, a pool table, a claw machine with stuffed animals to win (winner every time). We have lots of board games, and puzzles. The house is equipped with sledding gear, snow shoes, and all the tools you could need for any winter situation.